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Alan Spears, a highly experienced criminal defense trial attorney practicing since 1975 is committed to the delivery of outstanding legal representation. Alan personally handles each and every case, and develops that most important Client-Attorney bond: one predicated on trust, confidence and respect.

Obviously any one with financial resources can retain a high-priced lawyer. Finding the right lawyer can be a daunting task, running the gamut from perusing phone book and television ads to following up on referrals from relatives, friends and co-workers. Most often the exigencies of pending court appearances necessitate clients making hasty and often regrettable decisions.

The most important factor to consider besides the obvious necessity of the lawyer being competent, experienced, selectively aggressive and effective is that he/she have your best interests at heart at all times -- not just when you hand her/him a retainer check or fist-full of cash.

Alan Spears is the lawyer you should call first for competent, effective, experienced representation with your best interests being his main and only objective! The consultation is free and, most importantly, you'll receive Alan's honest legal assessment without any high-pressure scare tactics to get you to retain.