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Heroin Distribution

Federal Penalties for Heroin Distribution

The federal system is rather straightforward: the federal trafficking penalties for distribution of 100 to 999 grams of heroin are:

First Offense:

  • Not less than 10 years' incarceration, not more than a life term
  • If a death or serious injury occurred as part of the distribution, the penalty is not less than 20 years' incarceration to life
  • Fine up to $4 million for an individual

Second Offense:

  • Not less than 20 years' incarceration, to life
  • If a death or serious injury occurred as part of the distribution, life imprisonment
  • Fine of not more than $8 million for an individual

Two or More Prior Offenses:

  • Life imprisonment

Heroin distribution is one of the highest-penalty drug crimes that an individual can be charged with.

Whether it's a state or federal charge, the consequences of being convicted of heroin distribution can ruin the life of a defendant and his or her family.

You Need Legal Representation

Each of the states has its own drug statutes, and their penalties for heroin distribution differ somewhat.

Alan can tell you exactly what to expect from the state or federal district where you live.

If you...

  • are under suspicion or investigation
  • are under arrest
  • have been charged
  • are awaiting arraignment or trial
  • have been convicted and want to appeal your conviction
  • are trying to help a loved one in any of these scenarios